Quick Facts

Degree Types Offered:

  • Graduate Certificate
  • Masters
  • Doctorate

Fields of Study:

  • Health Education
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Geriatric Health
  • Public Health
  • Transitional Audiology
  • Advanced Physician’s Assistant

Online Class Format:

  • Scheduled Campus Classes
  • Online Classes
  • Daytime and Evening Classes
  • Part Time, Full Time Students

Online Class Length:

  • Year-Round Enrollment
  • Degree Programs Range From 40-60 Hours

Accrediting Agency:

Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Associations of Colleges and Schools (NCA)

Institution Type:

Private, Non-Profit

A.T. Still University Online

A.T. Still University Online
A.T. Still University Online Enrollment

Welcome to A. T. Still University Online!


A.T. Still University was founded in 1892 as the result of one man’s quest to better medical practices and save more patients. A survivor of the bloody battlefields of the American Civil War, Andrew Taylor Still lost three children to spinal meningitis, his first wife to complications in childbirth and a daughter born to his second wife died from pneumonia. These tragedies caused him to re-examine what he knew of medicine and he challenged himself to use the study of anatomy and drugless treatments to better heal suffering people. Persecuted for his opinions that challenged current standards, Still did not give up his vision and struggled valiantly forward, finally gaining acceptance and a burgeoning practice in Kirksville, Missouri.

It was here that he began his school, A. T. Still University.

A. T. Still University has a fine reputation for providing education in whole person healthcare with a history that reminds our students to follow their heart and seek better methods and strategies. ATSU believes in the power of humanistic healthcare-- integrating healing to help body, mind and spirit. Encouraging scholarly inquiry and professional curiosity, we also try to give students the skills they need to become leaders and groundbreakers in their chosen fields.

A. T. Still University equips our students not only with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to succeed, but we also seek to inspire the compassion needed to help more fully heal people’s bodies, minds and spirits. ATSU offers people in the health care field the opportunity to advance their degrees and standings while still benefiting from the flexibility and convenience online education offers.

Campus Information

A.T. Still University has two main campuses, one in Missouri (featuring our Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine) and the other in Arizona (our Mesa Campus featuring schools of Osteopathic Medicine, Health Management, Health Sciences and Dentistry and Oral Health).

Class Format

A.T. Still University's online classes are varied in structure and form and designed to meet the specific (and sometimes individualized) needs of the participants. Courses of study vary from approximately 40-credit hours to more than 60, depending on your personal needs and career goals.


A.T. Still University's Office of Student Financial Services happily helps you get your finances in order so you can concentrate more fully on your education.  We seek to make financial aid simpler to get by organizing assistance from various sources and helping disperse those resources to students in need.


Using tools like our prior learning assessment (PLA) and web-based tools, A.T. Still University provides a variety of support—meant to meet your specific needs as you improve your value and standing in the health care fields.


A.T. Still University is accredited overall by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Associations of Colleges and Schools (NCA) based in Chicago and each of our programs have their own accreditation through their main professional organization.

Free Information Request

If you believe that the true healing of people takes more than just writing prescriptions, contact A.T. Still University for free information about our university’s classes. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to help people heal.

A. T. Still University Online Program Listings:

Graduate Certificate:

  • Advanced Physician Assistant
  • Family and Emergency Medicine


  • Advanced Occupational Therapy
    (42-credit hour program for licensed Occupational Therapists; available through the Arizona School of Health Services)
  • Advanced Physician Assistant
    (40-credit hour program for NCCPA certified physician assistants; available through the Arizona School of Health Services)
  • Geriatric Health
    (60-credit hour program; available through the School of Health Management)
  • Health Administration
    (60-credit hour program; available through the School of Health Management)
  • Human Movement
    (includes three specialty tracks, one-week residency in Mesa, AZ; available through Arizona School of Health Sciences)
  • Public Health
    (60-credit hour program with either Oral Public Health, Health Policy, Health Planning or Environmental Health concentration; available through the School of Health Management)


  • Health Education
    (program with five unique entry options for students from bachelors up; available through the School of Health Management)
  • Transitional Audiology
    (individualized course of study for practicing Audiologists)
  • Transitional Physical Therapy
    (12-18 month program for practicing physical therapists already with either a bachelor’s or master’s degree; available through the Arizona School of Health Services)

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